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HTTP Public-Key-Pins (HPKP): Cut Out the Eavesdroppers

The foundation of trust upon which all web commerce depends begins with the browser. The browser trusts certificate authorities (CAs) and certificate authorities vouch for the identities of businesses. This system of public key infrastructure (PKI), however, is only as

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Exploring NoSQL: Couchbase

In February 2011, Membase, Inc. and CouchOne merged to combine the strengths of their two open-source NoSQL projects, Membase and CouchDB. The joint team released Couchbase 1.8 in January, 2012 as an upgrade to Membase 1.7. Version 2.0 is now

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Eventual Consistency: How Eventual? How Consistent?

In my last post on Riak, I discussed how an application developer could use the values of N (number of replication nodes), R (read quorum), and W (write quorum) to fine tune the availability, latency, and consistency trade-offs of a

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New Year’s Reflection

With the New Year upon us, indulge me for a moment as I try to figure out what this blog is all about. It’s said that blogging, like all writing, takes us on a path of self-discovery, meaning that this

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If the web were a structured dataset,…

I enjoyed the presentation YY Lee gave at the Marketing and Search SIGs joint meeting last week at LinkedIn. For a description of the presentation, see my article on the event. What struck me was how much I had taken

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Ten Rules for Writing a Successful Business Book

1. Announce that globalization, new technologies, and demanding customers have fundamentally altered the world of business. 2. Quote Peter Drucker as if he agreed with your ideas. Great minds think alike. 3. Simplify all prior business ideas to caricatures. Remove

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An Agile Approach to Continuous Process Improvement

Processes drive business success, define the brand, and determine the bottom line. The innovative organization embraces ongoing change, recognizing that no single process improvement project will fix a process for all time. Rather, an organization must continuously improve its processes

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Virtual Security

Kelly Robertson, CEO of 9Proof Americas, spoke on virtual security last night at VMware in Palo Alto during the monthly meeting of the SDForum Cloud Services SIG. He explained a few special security issues that should be considered when using

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Escape the Buy-Build Dilemma with xRM

xRM stands for eXtensible Relationship Management, and it amounts to a powerful platform for enabling agility. It means an escape from the buy-build dilemma that has long bogged down IT departments. It means you can satisfy business requirements at the

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The Innovation that is Azure, the First Cloud OS

It’s funny that so much literature in IT trade magazines depicts Microsoft as the aging champion of on-premise software, struggling in vain to hold back the tide of younger, more nimble cloud players of the likes of Google and

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