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Extreme Transaction Processing in SOA

On the LinkedIn Mountain View campus, Anirudh Pandit, a senior architect at Oracle, spoke last night at the SVForum’s Software Architecture and Platform SIG on the topic of Extreme Transaction Processing in SOA. Pandit proposed an architectural pattern for improving

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Analytics: The Next Wave

Speakers at the SDForum analytics conference last Friday on the Stanford campus made clear that the next wave of analytics brings with it exciting new opportunities. And here are the keys elements that make this next wave so exciting: New

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Drivers of Corporate Sustainability

Speakers at SDForum’s Green and Clean Evening Series described the drivers of corporate sustainability: Cost Reduction Regulatory Compliance Retailer Pressures on Supply Chain Recruiting For more details, see the article I wrote for the SDForum newsletter.

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SDForum Mobile Internet Tsunami Conference

Global yet fragmented, innovative yet beset by technical challenges, growing explosively yet constrained by the carriers—the mobile internet tsunami is bursting upon us, bringing tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs and exciting new possibilities for users worldwide. The SDForum Mobile Internet Tsunami

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If the web were a structured dataset,…

I enjoyed the presentation YY Lee gave at the Marketing and Search SIGs joint meeting last week at LinkedIn. For a description of the presentation, see my article on the event. What struck me was how much I had taken

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Implicit Semantics and Business Networks

At the Semantic Web SIG last week David Meyer and Michael Bechauf presented cutting-edge technology from SAP on extracting context from business networks. See my article for details. David also gave a preview of StreamWork, a collaboration tool in the

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The Water Crisis: When Ignorance is Bliss

I attended the SDForum’s Green and Clean Evening Series last week on the topic of water. The experts agreed that we face a crisis: there is not enough water for all of the uses we have for it, and a

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Virtual Security

Kelly Robertson, CEO of 9Proof Americas, spoke on virtual security last night at VMware in Palo Alto during the monthly meeting of the SDForum Cloud Services SIG. He explained a few special security issues that should be considered when using

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Data Management in the Cloud

Daniel Graham of Teradata spoke Tuesday evening at the SDForum BI SIG on the topic “Data Management in the Cloud.” See my article summarizing his presentation. It’s interesting to compare his presentation with that of Donovan Schneider from, who

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SDForum Healthcare IT Symposium

At the SDForum’s first ever Healthcare IT Symposium held on June 8, 2010, I learned a great deal about the many roles of IT in the healtcare system. It is clear that healthcare IT is going to be a strong,

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