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Does SaaS-PaaS=ASP?

In the 1990s, analysts proclaimed ASP the future of software. Application Service Providers offered software over the Internet, a revolutionary model that would take over the industry. Unfortunately, customers insist on modifying their enterprise applications, preferring to make the software

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Implicit Semantics and Business Networks

At the Semantic Web SIG last week David Meyer and Michael Bechauf presented cutting-edge technology from SAP on extracting context from business networks. See my article for details. David also gave a preview of StreamWork, a collaboration tool in the

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Cloud Security: Selected Challenges, Solutions, and Directions

Yuecel Karabulut, Chief Security Advisor at SAP, gave an interesting presentation to a joint meeting of the SDForum’s Securing and Cloud Services SIGs on how to architect applications securely in the cloud. For a description, see an article I’ve submitted

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