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Does SaaS-PaaS=ASP?

In the 1990s, analysts proclaimed ASP the future of software. Application Service Providers offered software over the Internet, a revolutionary model that would take over the industry. Unfortunately, customers insist on modifying their enterprise applications, preferring to make the software

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Chatter, SharePoint, and Collaboration

Last Tuesday at the Mountain View campus of LinkedIn, David Coleman, author of Collaboration 2.0, spoke on collaboration at the SDForum’s Web 2.0 SIG. While highlighting a few of the thousands of collaboration products on the market, Coleman praised Chatter

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Real-Time Analytics at

Learn how Salesforce makes BI real time. Donovan Schneider, Principal Architect at, gives the inside story at the SDForum BI SIG.

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Software-as-a-Service, the Pure and the Hybrid

Among CRM vendors, pursues the pure software-as-a-service strategy and Microsoft the hybrid strategy. Microsoft customers choose between licensing Dynamics CRM for on-premise installation, hosting with Microsoft, or hosting with a third-party hosting provider. lets customers host its software

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