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Exploring NoSQL: Redis

Redis differs so dramatically from traditional databases that you’d be forgiven for not recognizing the family resemblance. Indeed, it’s possible to run Redis as a key-value memory cache, mimicking the functionality of Memcached, which itself is not a database. Like

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Exploring NoSQL: Memcached

Memcached might seem an odd place to venture in an exploration of NoSQL databases. It is not a database. It provides no persistence. It purges items from memory to free space as needed. And there is no replication. If data

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Harmonic: A MongoDB Success Story

After writing my last post on MongoDB, I attended a meet-up at the Mozilla office in San Francisco to hear the tale of a real company in the process of migrating from Microsoft SQL Server to MongoDB. The company, Harmonic,

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Exploring NoSQL: MongoDB

MongoDB is one of the most popular of open source NoSQL databases. Supported by 10gen and boasting a long list of deployments including Disney, Craigslist, and SAP, MongoDB has a remarkably simple application programming interface (API) and all the tools

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NoSQL: The Joy is in the Details

Whenever my wife returns excitedly from the mall having bought something new, I respond on reflex: Why do we need that? To which my wife retorts that if it were up to me, humans would still live in caves. Maybe

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