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As a consultant, I earn a living in part because clients believe that I deliver best practices, but I cringe every time I hear the phrase. It strikes me as pretentious. Rarely is there just one best way to achieve

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On Being Right: The Enemy of Innovation

After reading a few books on innovation, it strikes me that the demands of innovation run counter to common modes of thinking and group dynamics in ways that I did not initially realize. It’s natural to want to be right—win

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Innovation to the Core, a Book Review

In Innovation to the Core, Peter Skarzynski and Rowan Gibson explain how organizations achieve ongoing innovation by building up an organization-wide, systemic innovation capability. The “to the core” of the title implies that the effort must touch every aspect of

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Cloud to Agile to Innovation

Given all the cloud hype, it is little wonder that so many vendors have aligned their products and services around the concept. Yet despite the diversity of vendors claiming their piece of the cloud, there is a consistent theme running

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