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IT after the Flood

Cloud computing darkens the sky. Rain shall fail. A flood shall rage. And IT as we know it shall be wiped from the earth. No, I don’t see that happening. Despite the apparent fears of many in IT, I don’t

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Platform-as-a-Service: Liberation from System Administrators

After finishing my prior post on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), I realized I perhaps misused the acronym PaaS. I described, or what markets as, as PaaS. While is a platform sold as a service, it

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Does SaaS-PaaS=ASP?

In the 1990s, analysts proclaimed ASP the future of software. Application Service Providers offered software over the Internet, a revolutionary model that would take over the industry. Unfortunately, customers insist on modifying their enterprise applications, preferring to make the software

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The Contextual Value of Cloud Computing

Businesses stand to benefit financially from cloud computing in several ways, but the actual value in each case depends on the circumstances. Cost Reduction: Many assume that cloud computing reduces cost, and it might, but this assumption requires verification. Outsourcing

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Cloudy Compliance

Could this scenario apply to your organization? You take compliance seriously. Departments define business processes through policies and procedure documents. The procedures include controls to assure compliance. Internal and external teams audit the processes and test the controls. Accordingly, IT

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Previously, I wrote a blog post disagreeing with the marketing premise of, which is that provides an alternative to SharePoint. At the time, I was thinking about enterprise customers, who value the rich features of SharePoint and are

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The Top 50 Bloggers on Cloud Computing

Jeremy Geelan, President of Cloud Expo, just listed this blog in his list of The Top 50 Bloggers on Cloud Computing. Thanks to my readers for contributing to this achievement. Check out the list to find other interesting blogs.

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Virtual Security

Kelly Robertson, CEO of 9Proof Americas, spoke on virtual security last night at VMware in Palo Alto during the monthly meeting of the SDForum Cloud Services SIG. He explained a few special security issues that should be considered when using

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Data Management in the Cloud

Daniel Graham of Teradata spoke Tuesday evening at the SDForum BI SIG on the topic “Data Management in the Cloud.” See my article summarizing his presentation. It’s interesting to compare his presentation with that of Donovan Schneider from, who

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The Innovation that is Azure, the First Cloud OS

It’s funny that so much literature in IT trade magazines depicts Microsoft as the aging champion of on-premise software, struggling in vain to hold back the tide of younger, more nimble cloud players of the likes of Google and

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