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Cloud Foundry Evolves

Cloud Foundry, the open-source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution from VMware, continues to gain community support and evolve toward a more diverse, enterprise-ready platform. Last night at the Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group meet up in Palo Alto, VMware engineers and representatives

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A Cloud Curriculum

Erik Bansleben, Program Development Director at the University of Washington, invited me and several other bloggers to participate in a discussion last Friday on UW’s new certificate program in cloud computing. Aimed at students with programming experience and a basic

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Big Data and Hadoop: A Cloud Use Case

Tuesday night I drove to Santa Clara for the Big Data Camp, learned more about Hadoop, and even ran into a few Dell colleagues. Thanks to Dave Nielson for organizing the camp and to Ken Krugler for his great overview

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Pathways to an Open Source Cloud

Last night at the Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group hosted by, David Nalley of CloudStack told an overflow crowd that open source ideally fits the requirements of cloud computing, allowing users to solve their own problems and avoid cloud

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Connecting Clouds: L2 or L3?

We speak of the cloud, but we have no cloud. We have clouds: private clouds, a cloud at Amazon, a cloud at Rackspace; more and more clouds, distinct and separate. Enterprises looking to cloud computing may well decide on an

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Review of Virtual Ops Private Cloud

A small book of deep insight, Virtual Ops Private Cloud tackles the why and how of moving enterprise IT from virtualization to private cloud. Private cloud—better tailored, less costly, more secure than public cloud—means automation, dynamic workload management, and a

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Architects Wanted in the Cloud: Thoughts on the SEI SATURN Conference Cloud and SOA Track

(Note: This post was first published by the Software Engineering Institute at Will cloud computing make software architects obsolete? If cloud vendors take responsibility for quality attributes through SLAs, what work is left for architects? What decisions remain after the

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IaaS and PaaS: From Software to Service and Back

We’ve come to think of Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service as, well, services. Pay for IaaS, and a vendor makes servers available in the cloud. Think Amazon’s AWS. Pay for PaaS, and a vendor makes available a grid of application servers. Think

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Cloud Foundry: Making the Cloud Extensible

At the Silicon Valley Cloud Computing meet-up this past weekend, Ezra Zygmuntowicz, a co-creator of Cloud Foundry at VMware, stood before a white board and walked the group through the Cloud Foundry architecture. And while it’s fresh in my mind,

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Old Wine, New Bottle: Transactions and Garbage Collection in the Cloud

Last night, Gil Tene, CTO of Azul Systems, and Tom Henn, CEO of CloudTran, spoke at the SDForum’s Cloud Computing and Virtualization SIG, addressing old themes in computer science that take on new meaning in the cloud. Tene pointed out

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