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Five Bad Reasons Not to Adopt Agile

While the advantages of agile appear obvious, I observe that many IT departments stick stubbornly to waterfall. Despite failure after failure, IT managers blame the people—staff members, vendors, users—rather than the process. Waterfall organizes software projects into distinct sequential stages:

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The Elements of Scrum: A Book Review

Let me say up front that I’m a biased reviewer. I attend the SF Bay Area Agile meet-up organized by Agile Learning Labs, where both authors work. In fact, I won a copy of this book at the last meet-up

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Software, Lean and Agile

At a recent meet up of the Bay Area Agile Managers Support Group. Alan Shalloway presented on Lean-Agile for Managers. He explained that agile is about small batches, lean about managing the flow. The key is to speed the time

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Team Estimation Game

At the Agile Meetup in San Mateo yesterday evening, Steve Bockman of Agile Learning Labs led us through a simulation of the Team Estimation Game. Steve invented the game as an alternative to Planning Poker, a popular Scrum technique for

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Story Mapping: The Power of Low Tech

This past Wednesday evening I attended the Agile meet-up in San Mateo where Chris Sims of Agile Learning Labs presented on story mapping, an alternative to the Scrum backlog. What I found interesting, however, was not so much story mapping

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Cloud to Agile to Innovation

Given all the cloud hype, it is little wonder that so many vendors have aligned their products and services around the concept. Yet despite the diversity of vendors claiming their piece of the cloud, there is a consistent theme running

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Pigs and Chickens Reversed

Ok, if you’ve not heard the joke yet, here it goes. The chicken suggests to his friend the pig that they open a restaurant called ham and eggs. No thanks, replies the pig, while you would be merely involved, it

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