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Exploring NoSQL: MongoDB

MongoDB is one of the most popular of open source NoSQL databases. Supported by 10gen and boasting a long list of deployments including Disney, Craigslist, and SAP, MongoDB has a remarkably simple application programming interface (API) and all the tools

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NoSQL: The Joy is in the Details

Whenever my wife returns excitedly from the mall having bought something new, I respond on reflex: Why do we need that? To which my wife retorts that if it were up to me, humans would still live in caves. Maybe

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Cloud Foundry Evolves

Cloud Foundry, the open-source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution from VMware, continues to gain community support and evolve toward a more diverse, enterprise-ready platform. Last night at the Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group meet up in Palo Alto, VMware engineers and representatives

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Extreme Transaction Processing in SOA

On the LinkedIn Mountain View campus, Anirudh Pandit, a senior architect at Oracle, spoke last night at the SVForum’s Software Architecture and Platform SIG on the topic of Extreme Transaction Processing in SOA. Pandit proposed an architectural pattern for improving

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Five Bad Reasons Not to Adopt Agile

While the advantages of agile appear obvious, I observe that many IT departments stick stubbornly to waterfall. Despite failure after failure, IT managers blame the people—staff members, vendors, users—rather than the process. Waterfall organizes software projects into distinct sequential stages:

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A Cloud Curriculum

Erik Bansleben, Program Development Director at the University of Washington, invited me and several other bloggers to participate in a discussion last Friday on UW’s new certificate program in cloud computing. Aimed at students with programming experience and a basic

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The Elements of Scrum: A Book Review

Let me say up front that I’m a biased reviewer. I attend the SF Bay Area Agile meet-up organized by Agile Learning Labs, where both authors work. In fact, I won a copy of this book at the last meet-up

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Big Data and Hadoop: A Cloud Use Case

Tuesday night I drove to Santa Clara for the Big Data Camp, learned more about Hadoop, and even ran into a few Dell colleagues. Thanks to Dave Nielson for organizing the camp and to Ken Krugler for his great overview

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Pathways to an Open Source Cloud

Last night at the Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group hosted by, David Nalley of CloudStack told an overflow crowd that open source ideally fits the requirements of cloud computing, allowing users to solve their own problems and avoid cloud

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Connecting Clouds: L2 or L3?

We speak of the cloud, but we have no cloud. We have clouds: private clouds, a cloud at Amazon, a cloud at Rackspace; more and more clouds, distinct and separate. Enterprises looking to cloud computing may well decide on an

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