SVForum Events

Analytics: The Next Wave, 25 March 2011

The State of Corporate Sustainability, Green and Clean Evening Series, 2 February 2011

The Mobile Internet Tsunami Conference, 10 December 2010

Report Card on the Stimulus Package, Green and Clean Evening Series, 28 October, 2010

Intelligent Business Search, Marketing and Search SIGs, 9 September 2010

Implicit Semantics and Business Networks, Semantic Web SIG, 1 September 2010

The Water Crisis, Green and Clean Evening Series, 5 August 2010

Virtual Security, Cloud Services SIG, 27 July 2010

Data Management in the Cloud, Joint Meeting of BI and Cloud Services SIGs, 20 July 2010

Winning with Big Data: Secrets of the Successful Data Scientist, BI SIG, 15 June 2010

Healthcare IT Symposium, 8 June 2010

Real-Time Analytics at, BI SIG, 18 May 2010

Marketing SIG:Not in any job description–The Unwritten Role of Marketing, Marketing SIG, 10 May 2010 (Posted to Marketing SIG blog)

The Modern Green Supply Chain – Marrying Profitability and Sustainability, Green and Clean Evening Series, 6 May 2010

Cloud Security: Selected Challenges, Solutions, and Directions, Security, SIG and Cloud Services SIG, 3 May 2010

  • Requests are going to from my home network through Comcast. 6 days ago
  • Netflix support really not helpful. 6 days ago
  • Strange, Netflix unusable. ERR_SSL_UNRECOGNIZED_NAME_ALERT errors on domain used for JavaScript resources. 6 days ago
  • RT @zackwhittaker: Places where BBC reporters are banned: • 🇷🇼 Rwanda • 🇰🇵 North Korea • 🇺🇸 The White House • 🇮🇷 Iran • 🇿🇼 Zimbabwe 1 month ago
  • RT @ReformedBroker: JFK took a lot of shit in the press for Bay of Pigs. Here’s what he said when asked if he still reads newspapers and ma… 2 months ago
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